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How Bail Works

It is a lengthy process. The defendant is first detained, then booked through jail. This process may take as little as forty-five minutes to several hours. A judge sets the amount of bond allowing the defendant to post bail until an arraignment is set. Bond guarantees a defendant’s appearance in court. Bad Boy Bail Bonds guarantees to the court the total amount of the bond should the defendant fail to appear in court.

To post a bond a defendant needs a cosigner or indemnitor. Often, a cosigner or indemnitor is a friend or relative who will sign a contract with a bonding company insuring financial responsibility should the defendant fail to appear for any and all court dates. This obligation does not end until the court has exonerated the bonding company from the case.

Should the defendant fail to appear in court, the cosigner or indemnitor will need to surrender the defendant. If the defendant absconds (leaves town), the cosigner or indemnitor must pay the full amount of the bond. The bonding company will then forward the amount to the courts.The final step begins after the cosigner or indemnitor has signed a contract with the bail bonding company.

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